While the production of a modern but easy-to-use website is one element for your online success, the second crucial part is the marketing of that site. In order to have a good position in the Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo there are several key questions you must consider:

  1. Can the search engines access all pages on the site?
  2. Is my content optimised for a good position under the correct key terms?
  3. Which search engines should I submit to?
  4. What other marketing techniques could I use in addition to search engine optimisation?

Giant can answer these questions and advise on the best method of optimisation for your company. We design websites that conform to recommended good practice. By doing this, Giant websites are naturally accessible to search engines and the content easy to index. We can help you to optimise your content to be more attractive and promote the words you think are important to your customers.

Submission to Search Engines
We are happy to assist customers submit their sites to search engines and advise on the best strategy for marketing and optimisation for their business sector and audience. We can also assist in Online Advertising strategies to increase your market exposure.